PETITION for an independent review of prescribed burning environmental management

The Fire and Biodiversity WA network (formerly the Denmark Fire Study Group).Find attached a petition to the Legislative Council for an independent review of Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ prescribed burning environmental management. Please print it off, and get as many signatures as you can by early next month, and then post it as indicated at the bottom of the form - to G.Evans, Denmark Environment Centre, PO Box 142, Denmark WA 6333 with a closing date for mail to arrive 17th of July 2021. You can also find the petition here We are hoping to get thousands of signatures on this petition. Please note that signatures have to be originals, not digital of photocopies. A lot has been happening on the prescribed burning front this last month of May. Most of you would be aware of and have seen reports on the Weinup/Perup very intense and very extensive prescribed burn with the demise of a numbat population LINK Since then there have been questions in parliament, letters sent to the Minister for Environment, the Premier and other politicians requesting an independent review on the current prescribed burning practice and its effect on our biodiversity. Two scientific organisations, the Leeuwin Group and the Beeliar Group as well as Birdlife WA have requested the Premier/ Minister to instigate an independent review. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Humane Society International (HSI) have come onboard and HSI has put out a tender for a study into the impact of PB on wildlife, see here. This weekend is the Fire and Biodiversity Forum in Margaret River (see flyer attached), where the petition will be officially launched. As well as you seeking signatures, we would like to see it distributed widely to your contacts to do the same. If we can get thousands of signatures on this petition, that will send yet another message to government that the current broad scale, intense burn practice has to be reviewed. Our previous petition to parliament had just enough signatures to give it validity - and they ignored it; this one is intended to hit them with a tsunami of community support. f you are able to have the petition hosted at a locations where people can sign it, let us know; these locations will be publicized on our Facebook page. Please also encourage your community organisations to post the petition on their website and facebook page for individuals to print out and fill. With big hopes to get many signatures to advocate for our ecosystems, fauna and flora! On behalf of the forests, thank you for your support,