Honey Levy

An Increase in the National Residue Survey Component of the Honey Levy

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council is putting forward a proposal to re-arrange the honey levy to allow for an increase in the National Residue Survey component of the honey levy.


Currently the honey levy is 4.6 cents per kilogram. It is made up of:-

  • 1.5 cents per kilogram (Research and Development component) paid to the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation for research

  • 2.9 cents per kilogram (Emergency Plant Pest Response [EPPR]) paid to Plant Health Australia for the Contingency Fund which funds the National Bee Biosecurity Program and the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program plus other Biosecurity related issues and responses to exotic incursions

  • 0.1 cents per kilogram (Plant Health Australia component) paid to Plant Health Australia

  • (PHA) from which the annual membership subscription is paid plus levy collection costs and other allowable projects

  • 0.1 cents per kilogram to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to run the National Residue Survey (NRS).


The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) Executive has identified that the NRS levy needs to be increased as the reserves are at a level where they will be depleted within a couple of years if not increased. Failure to keep the NRS program in place will mean that Australia can no longer export honey to the EU. The NRS levy needs to be restored to its original level of 0.3 cents per kilogram.

There are two ways of increasing the NRS levy to 0.3 cents per kilogram:

  • Increase the current levy from 4.6 cents per kilogram to 4.8 cents per kilogram

  • Re-arrange the current levy to allow for the increase in the NRS levy but not increase the overall levy.

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