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About the WA Beekeepers Association
Founded in 1995, the Association provides the opportunity for beekeepers to share their knowledge about bee husbandry, and producing high quality hive products from the diverse ecosystems available in WA. WABA represents its members' interests to all levels of government and the general public, and is active in maintaining their access to apiary sites on the conserved public estate.
In 2015, WABA collaborated with other beekeeping interests to form an umbrella organisation, the Bee Industry Council of WA Inc., (BICWA), which presents a united front representing the interests of all beekeepers, be they large commercial, part-time commercial or dedicated hobby beekeepers, as well as ancillary industries such as honey buyers and packers, or equipment manufacturers and suppliers. BICWA provides an ideal portal for the efficient dissemination of information from and to, all members of the industry and associated interests.


Why Research is Important
Since its inception, WABA has been very active in promoting education and training for beekeepers and has also been closely associated with the promotion of research activity on bees and their importance to our society, the agricultural and horticultural systems which depend on them, and achieving a harmonious balance with the native ecosystems alongside.
Field days and training schools have been an integral part of this activity, as well as close interaction with the academic institutions where the research is carried out. Public education about what we do and why, is also addressed, and is becoming increasingly important as community awareness of the importance and value that these insects represent in our own well-being grows.

Why Membership is Important
WA is indeed fortunate in having a relatively clean and healthy environment for the bees.  
But that isn't an accident of good luck. For a long time, the beekeepers of WA have been very active in working with governments to maintain that status and protect our state and its bees from the onslaughts of infectious bee diseases and parasites that have devastated bee populations in other parts of the world. That battle will never end, so communication, collaboration and understanding will continue to be the key to staying on top of the situation. That is why it is so important for the beekeeping community to work together to achieve these goals.